I recently underwent training with Wendy in Reiki and I spent the entire weekend feeling like I was amongst friends, learning and laughing!

I found the experience exhilarating, deeply spiritual and I felt so at peace with myself.

I was quite sad to be going home but I know that I will always stay in touch with Wendy as she is such a lovely person and has amazing teaching skills.

Thank you for a fantastic weekend and I cannot wait to come back next month!


I went down to do a course in Reiki with a friend and I can honestly say meeting Wendy was a pleasure, she is such a lovely lady who made us feel very welcome in her home and put us at ease in her teachings.

If anyone is considering working with energy healing I 100% recommend Wendy and Reiki House.

Many thanks, Wendy and see you soon!

Kev G

As soon as I was in contact with Wendy via email I connected with her and it didn't feel like a training weekend it felt like a weekend with friends. I highly recommend Wendy and if anyone would like a personal recommendation I am happy to be contacted.


Great for me when I had a bad shoulder wonder full powerful hands thanks, Wendy.

Roger M