Reiki Treatment

Reiki Treatment

A Reiki treatment is a wonderful experience! Simple!
A quiet setting where we won't be disturbed
When we meet I will ask a few pertinent questions and then, when we are ready, you will either sit or lay comfortably on a treatment couch. Laying down and totally relaxing is the preferred method for most people. The only thing I will ask you to remove is your shoes and that is for comfort only. 
We can have soft music in the background or silence and I will talk you through a gentle relaxation, and move my hands slightly above your head and the body. At no point will there be any intrusive touch or pressure.
A treatment can usually take from 30 minutes to an hour (anyone receiving Reiki in a hospital, a hospice, nursing home, or in other healthcare settings may have a shorter session of 15 or 20 minutes). 
During a treatment, you may feel very relaxed and many recipients fall asleep.  There may be a feeling of heat from the Practitioners hands, or of seeing colours, or there may be nothing noticeable, but the more times one indulges, the more noticeable the effects are.
All in all, both the giving and receiving of a Reiki treatment is beneficial. Total relaxation followed by a strong feeling of positivity. Do please contact me if you have any questions about a treatment.
Prices for a Reiki treatment are £25 -£35.


Reiki for children

Reiki treatments are ideal for young children and for youths!

I taught my eldest granddaughter First Degree Reiki when she was nine years old. My youngest granddaughter regularly has Distant Reiki to help her sleep.

There is a tremendous pressure on kids now; do they follow the pattern they ‘ought’ to from being a toddler? Do they mix well at playschool, regular school, can they cope with transferring to upper school? Then when the emotions start going awry and girlfriends/boyfriends appear, life can get tough.

I've done Treatments on children, and on adults with Autism and Aspergers. Many times, teenagers have come for a treatment to hopefully relax and rid anxiety. Some of them have gone on to learn to give Reiki to themselves.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is simple energy, something which is around us all the time, but like the wind, we cannot see it. It can be practiced anywhere and anytime.
Reiki is a system which works by using one's hands to allow the energy to flow, and is practiced throughout the world. A useful tool for self-awareness and transformation and a non-invasive therapy, it is used for self-care, in many hospitals, care homes, and private practices, and in hospices as well as in private practice.

It is passed on through the initiation process from master to student. A gentleman from Japan, Dr Mikao Usui,  reawakened the energy in his own life and went on to teach others how to use it both for themselves and for others.

The energy of Reiki includes ki, or life energy. Ki or Chi as it's also known, provided us with the vitality required to maintain not only our health and balance but also our well-being on all levels... physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. 

In turn, we can experience stress reduction, relaxation, a sense of well-being. When we are relaxed we feel better able to cope with life's stress, with pain and see clearly.