Mindfulness and meditation are buzz-words right now. But there's lots to learn about posture and style and a blissful deep relaxation is attainable. In a busy life, it's an ideal means of finding peace and tranquillity.

An aim of meditation is to focus the mind and quieten it. Eventually, one can reach a high level of both inner calm and awareness. It's a good state to be in and has many levels.

It can be used to achieve many aims including dealing with anxious emotions and a wandering mind; from mindfulness to breathing well, and on to enjoying your life that bit more. Many people indulge simply to chill. Others to find an answer to what they are looking for.

Meditation is something that children of all ages can enjoy and use. When the world gets heavy, its there for them to use. When school and exams are looming they find it of help. A calm mind creates clarity.

While you can come along and have an hours meditation on your own, or in a group, I also offer led meditation in the workplace. In fact, workplaces now offer short releases for employees to have meditation breaks, knowing that these employees will return with a clearer mind.

Group meditation; healing meditation; meditations for yourself... this increasingly popular therapy is perfect. Every session or class is tailored to the individual.